Handcrafted Vegan and Gluten-free Vegan Donuts

Rustic Donut are vegan and gluten-free vegan donuts without preservatives, artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, soy, palm oil or hydrogenated oil.

Since they are baked, not fried like traditional donuts, they have a dense, moist, cake-like consistency that's super satisfying when you crave something sweet without all the grease, preservatives and scary artificial ingredients you sometimes get with regular donuts. 

Our donuts are individually handcrafted with love, and we hope they bring a little happiness to your day. 

Signature Flavors (vegan only) - Available year round with a variety of toppings including plain (just icing), unsweetened coconut, walnuts, vegan chocolate chips or almonds. 

Don’t Call Me Vanilla - vanilla cake donut with vanilla icing
Just Enough Chocolate - vanilla cake donut with chocolate icing
Chocoholic - chocolate cake donut with chocolate icing
Cinna-Sugar - vanilla cake donut with vegan cane sugar and cinnamon topping
Maple Salted Walnut - vanilla cake donut with maple flavored icing, topped with a dash of sea salt and crushed walnuts

Seasonal Flavors (vegan only)

Peanut Butter Chocolate - chocolate cake donut with chocolate icing, drizzled with organic peanut butter (April-May)
Lemonade Stand - vanilla cake donut with creamy lemon icing (May- August)

S'mores - vanilla cake donut with chocolate icing, topped with vegan marshmallows and crumbled vegan graham crackers (July-August)
Pumpkin Spice* - vanilla cake donut with pumpkin spice icing and dusted with ginger spice cookies (September-November)
Cookies n Cream* - chocolate cake donut with vanilla icing and crushed black and white cookies (September-November)
Holiday Berry - vanilla cake donut with creamy orange icing and topped with dried cranberries (November-December)

Gluten-free Vegan Flavors 

Gluten-free vegan Chocoholic - gluten-free vegan chocolate cake donut with gluten-free vegan chocolate icing and gluten-free vegan chocolate chips. 

    rustic donut gluten-free vegan

    Gluten-free vegan Snickerdoodle - a vanilla gluten-free vegan cake donut with hints of warm cinnamon, topped with cinnamon sugar and a vanilla glaze.

    * Cookies contain palm oil

    Our donuts contain corn and tree nuts including almonds. They are produced in a kitchen that may also process tree nuts, peanuts and other allergens including soy, eggs, wheat, dairy, fish and shellfish. Our gluten-free vegan donuts contain gluten-free ingredients, but are not processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility. If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients, please do not consume our products.