I always dreamed of becoming a baker.

I remember sitting on our kitchen floor when I was around 10 years old, surrounded by my mom's cookbooks, reading through each one of them and imagining owning my own kitchen so I could bake - and eat -everything I saw.

I especially loved baking with my mom, and my favorite thing to make was her Cowboy cookies, with lots of butter, oatmeal, coconut and tons of brown sugar. 

But they always made me feel bad. So did chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream cake, ice cream and just about everything else we made.

It wasn't until several years ago when I finally realized I was dairy intolerant/allergic to dairy and all the things I used to love became things I learned to hate, so I avoided everything that contained dairy and didn't dare eat dessert.

Then I came across a book about veganism that completely changed my way of thinking about animals, dairy and all the chemicals, hydrogenated oils and unnatural ingredients found in some foods. Since I already avoided dairy, it wasn't that hard to incorporate veganism and whole foods into my life and experiment with vegan recipes. Especially dessert.

One day I had a mad craving for a donut, but I didn't want just any donut. I wanted one without preservatives, dairy or artificial ingredients, and specifically one that was not fried in animal fat.

On a mission to find better donuts, I drove around town with my patient husband for two hours only to find better donuts didn't exist. Instead we settled on a traditional, fried supermarket donut, full of dairy, lard, artificial ingredients and preservatives - which was totally not worth the effort. I took one bite and threw the rest away.

Frustrated with no other options, I was inspired to experiment with a baked, vegan, dairy free, egg free, soy free, non-hydrogenated and preservative-free version of the traditional donut. After lots of failed attempts, I finally had what I wanted in a donut: a cake donut that is super yummy, moist, vegan and made with ingredients I could pronounce and feel good about. Once friends and family raved about them, I knew I had to make them available to everyone.

I began selling my donuts at a small, rural farmer's market where the Lemonade Stand donut - a vanilla donut with creamy lemon icing - became a favorite with vegans and non-vegans alike. Soon after, I was contacted by tea and coffee shops who wanted to carry my donuts. 

Now Rustic Donut is a wholesale donut bakery and our donuts are available at coffee, tea shops and grocery stores in northern Colorado. Find Rustic Donut near you or order here for local pick up.

My mission is to bake the most amazing tasting vegan (and gluten-free vegan) donuts from scratch using simple ingredients you can feel good about.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

With vegan donut love,