Are you vegan and searching for a donut? Or have a sweet tooth but you're concerned about all the processed junk in a lot of the treats out there?

Then you've found what you're looking for.

Like you, I have a sweet tooth and I'm concerned about processed foods. So when I craved a vegan, non-processed donut that didn't exist, I decided to create my own. 

I started selling my donuts at a small farmer's market and within less than a year, moved to wholesale locations all over northern Colorado.

You can find Rustic Donut in local coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores, events and pop-ups. You can also order online for free pick up at our kitchen in Loveland, CO.

Our mission is to sell products we love and inspire you to be just as passionate about the products we sell.

Thanks so much for trying our donuts. We hope they bring a little happiness to your day!

With vegan donut love,