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Gluten Free Vegan Donuts Now Available!

Bike to Work Day at Ziggi's Coffee was a success! Thanks to everyone who rode up and gave their feedback on our brand spankin' new gluten free vegan Chocoholic donut! Since you loved it so much, it's now available at Ziggi's Coffee, 400 Main St., Longmont!! We hear it's one of their best sellers, so bike, walk, drive your way over there and get some before they sell out!  

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Vegan Cookie S'mores and Banana Boats!

It's s'mores season, which also happens to be my favorite time of year! Instead of going through the hassle of hauling out the camping gear, making a fire, and toasting marshmallows in said fire - though that would be lovely - my craving couldn't wait.

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Smoothie Bowl

You've probably heard of a smoothie, but a smoothie bowl? What's that exactly? It's a smoothie, but instead of sipping it through a straw, you eat it. From a bowl. With a spoon.

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